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CPEP Award for Excellence in Teaching Contemporary Physics.

Applications must be received by March 1, 2019.

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About the award

2018 Winner, Nicole Preiser

2018 Winner, Nicole Preiser
Burr and Burton Academy
Manchester, Vermont

The 2018 Contemporary Physics Education Project Award for Excellence in Teaching Contemporary Physics was awarded to Nicole Preiser. At Burr and Burton Academy, Nicole teaches a variety of classes ranging from chemistry to cosmology. In her teaching, Nicole wants students to see beyond Newtonian physics so she incorporates modern and contemporary physics topics into her courses. When discussing gravity and centripetal forces in honors physics, she has students study galaxy rotation curves, dark matter, general relativity and gravitational lensing. When teaching the conservation of energy and momentum she includes particle physics. In her AP Chemistry course, the traditional material on the structure of the atom is followed with additional quantum topics and some particle physics, and when covering nuclear physics she includes some work with Feynman diagrams.

As one of her colleagues describes her teaching, she has an “ability to constantly seek new and creative ways to distill her knowledge into a form accessible to students.” Inquiry, discovery, and modeling are important in Nicole’s teaching, and in her classes she is regularly engaging her students through topics in contemporary physics.