The Contemporary Physics Education Project has a free set of exciting classroom activities with worksheets.

This set, which has been very popular for 30 years, brings particle physics to the classroom with meaningful activities. It describes the concepts of the Fundamental Particles and Interactions chart: quarks, neutrinos, the fundamental forces, the history, as well as the design and use of particle accelerators and detectors.

It has separate student and teacher worksheets. Teachers are encouraged to print out and reproduce these pages for classroom activities. Produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Activity One: Fundamentally Speaking
Activity Two: Psyching Out the System
Activity Three: Rutherford's Discovery
Activity Four: Tracking Unseen Particles
Activity Five: The Rules of the Game
Activity Six: Observing Magnetic Effects on Particle Beams
Activity Seven: Picturing Particles

Background of Particle Physics

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